N4C Board of Directors

Tonya Palla - Executive Director
National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers
[email protected]



Stacey Smith-Clark
Past President
Long Beach City College
[email protected]
Committee: Executive-President
What you bring to the N4C Board: Two decades of experience working in a campus-based children’s centers and 4 years serving on the N4C Board. Previous chair of the Conference Committee and current administrator for the N4C Facebook page.
Fun Fact: I’ve had the same best friend since 7th grade when we discovered we have the same first and middle name.
Daniela Baca
University of New Mexico Children's Campus
[email protected]
Committee: Executive-Treasurer 


Kelly Jamison - President 
University of Florida
[email protected]
Committee: Executive-President 
What you bring to the N4C Board: Over 20 years of experience in the field, a thoughtful mind and logistical brain, and a passion for the field and this organization.
Fun Fact: I’ve completed half marathons, a marathon, and a few tough mudders and been to Alaska twice.




Marisa Salome Chin-Calubaquib-Secretary
Stanford University
[email protected]   
Committee: Executive-Secretary 
What you bring to the N4C Board: Over 20+ years in the field of Early Childhood Education and 10+ years in Early Childhood Teacher Education, with 17 of those years at campus based children’s centers.  Just as I photo document learning and life in the classroom, I also endeavor to do this personally and professionally (thus I currently run the N4C Instagram account).
Fun Fact:  I am a native Californian, Francophile, vegetarian, dog lover and fan of live music.  I also played Lacrosse through high school and college.



Brett Copeland
Central Georgia Technical College
[email protected] 
 Committee: Conference




Sonya Evariste
LaGuardia Community College
[email protected]
Committee: Membership
What you bring to the N4C Board: I bring over 25 years of experience to the field of Education through mentorship of students, teachers, and youth. I have proven team leadership and communication, and the ability to motivate and lead others in a supportive, collegial and cohesive manner. Some accomplishments include: innovative collaborator, accreditation of programs, leadership development, and grant funding, as well as an extensive knowledge of policy and procedures that create standards, protocols, and framework for administering high quality programming for children, students and families.
Fun Fact: I was featured on CUNY- TV series Urban U.{ February 2019}



Becky Helf
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
[email protected]
Committee: Conference
What you bring to the N4C Board: In addition to my years of experience working in this field, I have had the privilege of leading other ECE professional organizations and gained experience and knowledge pertaining to finance, advocacy, marketing and membership, professional development, board development, scholarship, conference, and participating on the executive committee. 
Fun Fact:  I am a competitive pool player and play on both a women’s and a men’s league.




Dr. Jill Jacobi-Vessels
University of Louisville
[email protected]  
Committee:  Membership


Tiffany Karnisky
Florida State University 
[email protected]
Committee: Nominations, Awards & Grants
What you bring to the N4C Board: Extensive experience working with diverse population and commitment to advocate for high quality education for children and support for student, faculty and staff families on campus.  
Fun Fact: I juggle, (try to) play the ukulele, crochet and sew!



Amy Kay
University of Georgia 
Committee: Membership 
What you bring to the N4C Board: I have an ability to work well with others and contribute my ideas, while also being able to accept ideas and plans that may be different than my own.  In my local and state professional organizations, I've also had experience in coordinating and planning conferences.
Fun Fact: I have a niece who is named after me (and that is one of the most honoring/humbling experiences I've ever had). 



Cecilia Scott-Croft
Borough of Manhattan Community College
[email protected]
Committee: Advocacy & Research 
What you bring to the N4C Board: I bring my service to children, my willingness to ask the difficult questions, my love for advocacy, to support children with special needs and my commitment to informed practices.
Fun Fact: I am the middle of seven
Kenedria Thurman
Florida A&M
[email protected]
Committee: Conference




Shireetha Gethers
Rio Hondo College
[email protected]
Committee: Communications & Outreach
What you bring to the N4C Board: I bring a love for children, working with professionals and growing awareness around the importance and value of campus children centers.
Fun Fact: I love running themed 5k's!



Silvia Valdes
Florida International University
[email protected]
Committee: Nominations,  Awards & Grants